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Austin Team Championship

The Carp Angler Group’s annual Austin Team Championship has been running for 17 years now, and it continues to be an amazing event after all these years. Austin Carp Angler has been honored to host the Austin Team Championship on behalf of CAG for the past 5 years.

The ATC is a two-angler, team-based tournament, right in the heart of Austin, TX, on the magical Lady Bird Lake. It’s a 2-day tournament, but it’s what happens between the fishing that makes it incredible, every year; the camaraderie!

The ATC is a truly unique event. Anglers travel from around the country to compete year after year, and sponsors from around the world donate to show their support. We are humbled by the support we receive from sponsors, and of course CAG’s trust in us to run the event.

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Next Fish Is Yours

Our Next Fish Is Yours events are a great opportunity to spread the word about carp and smallmouth buffalo, and to help get new anglers interested in the species! Whether you’re an experienced angler and have years of experience, or absolutely none, we welcome you to join us on the banks, learn more about the sport, and potentially land a massive fish!

We supply all bait and gear needed. When a fish takes the bait, we hand off the rod to someone eager to learn! The only thing we ask you to bring is your own food and drink, and the enthusiasm to catch a carp or smallmouth buffalo. We also like to invite other seasoned carp anglers out who want to join us, and get someone on a fish as well! This is a FREE event to the public. We absolutely love these events, and seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces!

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